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The company holds middle and high level management training and annual summary meeting

From December 28th to 29th, 2013, the company organized all middle-level managers to go to Hangzhou Xiaoshan for management improvement training and annual summary. The theme of the training is “Growth Breakthrough, Efficiency Management”. In order to ensure the learning effect, special training teachers are invited to give lectures. Through micro-movies, business cases, etc., we analyze the reasons that hinder the growth of enterprises, break through the barriers of thinking, turn problem thinking into growth thinking, and transmit the concept of efficiency first, so that employees can work with growth goals. Through training, the company's senior executives have expressed their benefits, not only have gained the renewal of ideas and ideas, but also unified their understanding of some issues.

After the management training, the company held an annual mid-level summary meeting, and each department made a summary report. At the same time, combined with training to analyze the current situation of the company, and set goals and directions for next year. At the end of the meeting, everyone visited the beautiful Xianghu Lake, visited the Cross Lake Bridge Site Museum and the Xia Sun Culture Village, and relaxed their mood after the intense work!

 "The heart is in the distance, the road is at the foot." I am sure that as long as we work together, Tongxiang Chemical will definitely be better tomorrow!


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