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Open the plastic wrap plasticizer fog

Right now, a rumor about the dangers of plastic wrap on human health has been wavering. Recently, there are well-known domestic media reports: "The PVC cling film production industry is shrouded in multiple layers of fog. Behind the fog is a lie involving the cling film industry and its upstream chemical industry. Plasticizers used in cling film (also known as plasticizers) The raw material of DOA is n-octanol, and the raw material of plasticizer DEHA is isooctyl alcohol. The prices of these two raw materials are very different. In order to reduce the cost, enterprises use isooctyl alcohol as raw material to produce DOA.” “Many plasticizer production The plasticizer DEHA product that the company prohibits is affixed with the plasticizer DOA package that is allowed to be used, and the qualified raw materials are provided to the plastic wrap production enterprise.” “The main hazard of plasticizer is the hormone that affects the human body, leading to the endocrine system. Disorders, easy to induce female precocious puberty, male infertility, etc., especially have a great impact on the genital development of infants and young children."

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